Free Covid-19 chatbot

Free Covid-19 chatbot

Are you having to say
“Sorry We’re Closed”?

Lead Generation Even When Your Doors Are Closed

FREE chatbot for your website

Yes your website can be generating leads 24/7
even if you’ve had to close the doors temporarily 

If you’ve had to close the doors temporarily, you may be pleased to hear that we want to help, and we’re GIFTING A FREE chatbot for your website.

You might have a lovely website, and even have Google anayltics to measure the number of hits… BUT the fact is that most website owners have NO IDEA who visited their website or how to get back in touch with those potential customers after they’ve left the site.

Now with the FREE Covid-19 Chatbot, you’ll get the leads sent to you immediately so that you can follow up just as soon as you’re ready.


We’ll even personalise it with your colors, brand name, etc, and we’ll send you all of the leads this generates for you, so that you can follow up with your customers asap.

We generate a simple one-line piece of code for you to copy & paste into your website.

This FREE offer is ONLY available on first-come basis and may be withdrawn at any time…

Please test it below, and leave a message on the bot if you would like this for your website or click the button now.